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Please follow this link for info on European Ultimate Championships 2015 in Copenhagen

On this web site you can find information about the organization of Danish Frisbee Sport, its members, rules, news, activities and rankings/results of the events related to the many different branches of Frisbee that takes place in Denmark. Are you in search of a new club, a disc golf field or do you have questions regarding Frisbee sport in Denmark, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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The Danish Frisbee Association (DFSU)

DFSU was founded in April 1981 and provides a solid organization with more than 20 years of experience as a sport association. DFSU is the national federation for Frisbee athletes – related to team sports as Ultimate and individual sports such as Disc Golf. DFSU provides the drive and coordination for all activities of Frisbee sport in Denmark regardless of the type of sport. All contact between Danish Frisbee sport and the foreign Frisbee organizations must go through DFSU.

The Danish tournament activities began in 1980 and the association was officially founded in 1981. The board of DFSU consists of represents from the membership clubs and are elected at the annual meeting of the represents. The current name of the federation (Dansk Frisbee Sport Union) was selected in 1986.

The number of members of the association has had its “ups and downs” with the highest number of members in the eighties were Frisbee sport became a fashionable and hyped sport, leaving the nineties in the dark when people started to ask “what else is new”. Today the number of members, clubs, disc golf fields and tournaments is increasing slowly but in a regular pace. One of them is the prosperous Ultimate high school tournament that produces many new players.

The 2 most successful Frisbee sports in Denmark (related to number of members of the association) is Disc golf and Ultimate. 

Ultimate - committee

The committee consists of 4 members and a represent from the board of DFSU, and it coordinates all activities related to Ultimate. This includes:

  • Tournaments
  • The Danish Championship
  • New innovative ideas

If you need to contact the committee it can be done at this email: dm [at] dfsu [dot] dk

Disc Golf

Most of the Disc Golf activities in Denmark have been moved to Danish Disc Golf Association (DDGU).