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Aalborg Dinosaurs


Formand: Rathesan Ravendran

E-mail: formand [at] dinosaurs [dot] dk 

Stiftet: 1995

Website: og Facebook

Aalborg Dinosaurs is an Ultimate frisbee club residing in the northern part of Denmark.

 Ultimate frisbee (also just called “Ultimate” among friends) is for anyone who likes a challenge. It’s a highly competitive and intense sport with focus on fair play. You will find that Ultimate players are a highly social breed who shares a love for the game.

Aalborg Dinosaurs have 2 open teams and 1 women’s team. The club consists of players on all skill levels, from the new rookies to the experienced veterans. Anyone is welcome in this friendly environment, regardless of whether it’s your first time playing or you’ve been playing for years.We all speak English and are more than happy to have foreign players joining us. In Aalborg Dinosaurs we love having a good time.