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Formand: Kristian Reckzeh

Trænere: Esben Høgh, Jørgen Alsted 

E-mail: rag [at] dfsu [dot] dk

Stiftet: 1999

Website: - Facebook-side

(Elite team)

Ragnarok has been the most successful danish Ultimate team since 1999. We play hard and have fun.

Ragnarok been a top team in Europe for many years. We’ve earned bronze and silver at Europeans plus a decent 12th place at Worlds 2010 as the 4th best European club team.

We’re the only elite Ultimate Frisbee club in Denmark. If you mean business and want to improve your game at every practice – you join Ragnarok. Ragnarok has won the Danish Championships for 10 years in a row, and we make every effort to continue that success. In addition, we regularly play international tournaments including the EUC-R/F series.

At Ragnarok we strive to constantly improve ourselves and Ultimate in Denmark. To do that, the club hires the best and most dedicated coaches, it supports Ragnarok players financially to allow them play competitive, international tournaments and by organizing Ultimate camps where young and ambitious players are welcome.

For Ragnarok events, check out our Facebook page.


During summer, team practice is every Monday and Wednesday between 19:00 – 21:00 at Boldfællederne Artillerivej. Get in touch with one of the coaches, if you want to swing by.

For preparation prior important tournaments, we have additional training sessions on Fridays (Lundehusparken) and Sundays (Boldfællederne Artillerivej). In off-season, we team up for work-outs and exercises in the gym.


The annual membership fee at Ragnarok is DKK 500.

Join Ragnarok here