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Dame WCBU 2017

Opdateret 25. august 2016

WCBU (World Championsship of Beach Ultimate) er VM på sand. 2017-udgaven bliver afholdt i Royan, Frankrig. Det afholdes hvert fjerde år (det skulle dog lige tilpasses andre turneringer og blev derfor senest afholdt i 2015). Læs mere om turneringen på og læs mere om beach ultimate på

Damelandsholdet til VM på græs i foråret 2016


Hello women in Danish ultimate!

We're proud to present to you the trainer team for this years women's team: Jonas Skovgaard, Camilla Trinderup, and Maya Mileck. 

We're excited to invite all women in Danish ultimate to join us for the tryout which will be held October 8th and 9th (location to be determined). Sign up here:

Deadline for signup is Sept 17th so that we can plan the logistics for the weekend. The team will be selected based on this tryout - there will be no other tryouts. The tryout is from 10ish Saturday to 16ish on Sunday, including a team meeting on Saturday evening. So don't go booking any Tinder dates that evening! 

This year we will build on the foundation from last year, with a focus on developing ALL players on the team, creating an atmosphere that makes this possible, and providing the best possible framework to ensure that every player gives it all on the field. This does NOT mean that we are only looking to take players from last year. This is a new season, and this will be a new team. Our ambition is to build a team where every player takes responsibility and is an essential part of the team, where we trust each other, and where we 'har det godt sammen som hold.' 

This year we are privileged to have a non-playing coach. We will fully utilize this huge advantage throughout the season. Jonas will be able to provide the extra mental capacity as well as the outside perspective that will challenge us to live up to our own expectations and push us to be even better. 

Jonas plays in Århus and has coached the women's team there for the past year. He has played for the last 3 open national teams and captained the D line this year. He has a strong focus on developing players and supporting a positive team atmosphere. 

In terms of practicalities, we expect to have two training weekends and one warmup tournament during the season. 

Feel free to contact any of us if you have any questions, want to hear more about the team, or have a summer house next to a beach you'd like to fill with excited ultimate players for a weekend. We're more than happy to have a chat., c.trinderup@gmail.commayamileck [at] gmail [dot] com

Come to the tryout and check out what we're all about. 


Let's DO THIS!