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Dameholdet varmer op før EM-kamp mod Frankring, København 2015
Siden er senest opdateret d. 26/1 2016 
The next tryout is March 12th and 13th in Tørring. 
My coaching style balances encouragement, tactics, individual development, sense of team (esprit d’équipe, if you will), and sarcasm in some measure. My approach bears this out: each practice includes developmental and strategy components, and in communicating my openness to suggestions I’ve received great feedback that I incorporate on a rolling basis. 
My approach with the national team would build on those same foundational elements: Strategy and tactics would be modeled on those of world-class club teams and tweaked to reflect the character of the Danish team. I firmly believe that a team should play to its strengths and not be afraid to adjust its tactics accordingly; that any set of goals must include both team objectives and individual improvement so that each player can make a tangible contribution towards those goals; and that every person on a ~23-person roster has a contribution to make – one I would make sure they have the opportunity to realize. 

Just one: That every single person feels as though they improved as a direct result of being on this team, and that they had the tools and skills and voice to feel themselves to be part of the team’s success. 
Ok, two: Top Eight. 

I would like to host 1 outdoor tryouts this fall, and include as many interested athletes as possible (~25+) in the team’s training plan for the winter. I would like for the team to participate at one southern tournament in late winter/spring (Spain?), one major tune-up tournament (e.g. Windmill), and one training tournament, possibly in Denmark or Germany, featuring 3-4 exhibition against northern European competition. Winter training would be a combination of indoor fitness, disc skills and outdoor strategy, mixed with yoga for hamstring tightness and inner peace. Also, karaoke. Because in my experience, the best women’s teams are as cohesive as they are talented, and playing for your country is that much more meaningful if you’re playing with and for your friends as well. 
Please note the tryout in Odense scheduled for October 10 and the two in Copenhagen in October have been cancelled. (Please also note the first practice weekend in the spring will be held in Aarhus.) 

All women interested in trying out for the national team to represent Denmark at the World Championships in London in June 2016 should plan to attend the following tryout:

Date: Saturday, November 7th

Please bring water, a snack, red/black/white jerseys, and a disc.

ALL ARE WELCOME. Fielding a competitive team at a world championship requires a large roster. It is expected that this team will carry 23-25 players. 
Players are encouraged to join this Facebook group for details and to call Scott Willis to discuss on +45 2973 9353.  

For those women that are selected to the team, it is expected that you will follow the agreed fitness plan, contribute to team goal setting and to a positive team dynamic, and commit to a schedule in the spring of 2016 that will likely include Tom’s Tourney, Windmill, and possibly one other tournament as well as practice weekends in Aarhus and Copenhagen.

Scott Willis